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Thank you very much for visiting OREN.

A private import/export agency,
introducing Japanese culture to people living outside of Japan.
Also a shop specializing in Japanese items, such as Hanko(Japanese seal), Rubber stamp, Kanji t-shirt, Sushi keychain, picture postcard, Kanji Designs, Traditional Folk Song CD, etc...
All the prices and designs of our products are subject to change without notice.

Hanko (Japanese Seal)
  Let's have your one and only Hanko in the World!!
Self Inking Type
  Custom made seals(hanko) just like those used in Japan!
Rubber Stamp
  Various sizes and forms of stamps are available.
Japanese Green Tea
  Stay young and healthy by drinking delicious Green Tea.
Joke Item
  They are all ERASERS, not foods. Please don't eat!!
Traditional Song CD
  Now Bargain sale!!
Japanese Folk CD $9.90-
Temp Tattoo
  Painless, Safe & Non-toxic, Easy to remove, Last for days.
Kanji Design
  Your name in Kanji!! Please feel free to contact us.
about JAPAN
  Culture, Food, Geisha, Samurai, Folk Music, etc...

Wholesale prices will be applied for volume orders.

Feel free to contact us for information all about JAPAN.

Free to link our page from yours.

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